A story heavy in my soul,pumwani maternity hospital,a hospital that once stood the test of time and offerd da best care in childbearing but now remains a shell of its being.Perhaps my encounter never prepared me for the reality.the welcoming sister on duty starts on a sad note that last night they lost a mother and child in the delivery room and had to first clear the body for the mourge before she could attend to us.As we sat in the car awaiting her,a short call of nature knocks n innocently i walk to the outpatient loo’s but alas!couldn’t manage to help myself due to the stench and da huge heap of shit God knows since wen.with disgust written all over my face,i start walkin bak to the car only for a gentleman to shout,’madam umeshidwa na huko?njoo nikusaidie na funguo za huku ndani’.Dont get excited,the gents is wat i was offerd n oooh no,i cld see da disconected sewage pipe frm da toilet basin,the feaces had setlled itself in that space n i cld clearly see magots havin a hapy jamuhuri day feastin on wat they eat best!neva mind that desparate tyms cals for desparate measures,wit fingers crosed,i sort me.Its exactly 1300hrs wen we get to find our way to da newly born wards.the corridors prepare you for what to expect.i mean a little painting and renovation wouldnt hurt.as usual this cutes are adorable,so innocent to know what their mothers go through to bring them to this world nor the life that awaits them.some mothers are sharin beds,i cant recall seeing any bedings!the food being served is ugali,cabbage n potatoes for lunch…highskul style..and much as i never got to see the bathrooms i belive my previos encounter with the loos left little for my imagination to figure out.The tiny pack of gift we gave ws way too little to change their situation with over 30moms unable to raise 6k to secure discharge.as the sister explained they receive destitute young moms who can hadly affort apac of pads leave alone baby wear.but we manged to put a smile where we could.nevr mind i had a camera and forgot to take photos but the images give me ashiver down my spine making them un erasable.As we walk out ready to leave i gather info that today 13/12/12 abill of over 300k would be waived and moms allowed to go home.these explains why the hospital can hardly mentain da facilities.But i wonderd,are there attending docs?being a govt hospital targeting less fortunate wateva that term means,isn’t 6k too much to ask for?if the infrastucture is not mentained will it be a maternity or a shatty?Perhaps a vist would make you understand me better.i would love oneday to see women come together and make pumwani a maternity of choice,the pride of each kenyan woman regadless of her social class deliver in a clean place.Women we can change the situation,,,,tone la maji hujaza mtungi….u may neva know what ur little contribution can achive.A visit to60799_315712121876364_1672335423_n PMH 12/12/12..





As the day ends and most of u try to beat the traffic jam on your way home, I’d like to share with u my everyday resolutions hoping that they will encourage you always.

Don’t spend major time
with minor people. If there are
 people in
 your life that continually disappoint you, break promises,
 stomp on your dreams, too judgmental, have different values and
 don’t give their backing during difficult times…that is not a

 To have a friend, be a
 friend. Sometimes in life as you
 grow, your
 friends will either grow or go. Surround yourself with people
 who reflect values, goals interests and lifestyle.
 When I think of any of
 my successes, I am thankful to GOD from whom all blessings
 flow, and to my family and friends that enrich my life.
 Over the years my phone
 book has changed because I changed for the better. At first you think you’re going
 to be alone, but after a while new people show up in your life
 that make your life so much sweeter and easier to endure.

If you’re an eagle,
 don’t hang around with chickens:
 Chickens Can’t Fly!

 I love the Lord and
 thank Him for all that he does in my life. Without Him, I would be
 Without Him, I am nothing
 but with Him I can do all things. Phil 4:13

 Walk by faith
 Not by sight
 Receive God’s blessings!

Four year old girl raped, strangled by neighbours

Am still in bed trying hard to blv that the holidays r not yet over n then I come across this!!!!!!! Some acts need mo than just prayer….. its sad



If walls could talk,then the bathroom wall could tell tales no ear has heard,no eye has seen,no mouth has spoken. she hit the bathroom wall so hard, her fist grew soar and when she couldn’t hold it anymore she slowly slipped down on the floor and let her tears flow freely….Tears of the past joy she had shared with him, her mind screaming…..’stolen water’ so short lived…..Tears of the denial he had so cruely said before the man of the cloth,.. ‘i have never touched her,the babies are not mine’ tears of the shocking revelation that he never loved her,never cared for her,that he just wanted to use her,get her money and damp her.She squeezed herself so hard,her head on her knees and wept….wept for the lost love,wept for the womaniser,the man she loved ……wept harder when she recalled her friends images-1words….’everyone knows that’s what he good at..sleeps around and runs…didn’t you know what kind of man he is…”No…no no this cant be happening!!!!! this cant be happening to me!!!!..she cries as she rubs her body so hard as if to wipe every bit of him off her…but its not good enough• it changes nothing…she is carrying his babies..Twins he denys are his,babies that have slowed down her thriving career,babies that have brought a drift in the family so hard to mend,she hangs on,trying to come to terms with what has become of her life…pain, denial, rejection, fear, disappointment….the reality she is neither his first nor his last….recently i spotted him with another innocent girl…wonder what story is next!
But one thing is for sure; i know she is strong enough to get over it and face life bravely.
This piece is dedicated to all those girls going through rejection and frustration……Yes he got you pregnant and left, denied you and the baby,he promised you marriage and left,he cheated on you,he made you a stranger to yourself,friends and family….he beat you made your self esteem so low it hurts to look yourself in the mirror….
Am not crazy to say 2012 goes down with all these memories,the scars and evidence will remain but 2013 comes with hope…hope that all is not lost,hope that you are strong than you think,than what others think and say…do you know why?Because God has given you a chance to pick up the broken pieces,he trusts you will do the right thing by forgetting the past and embracing a fresh start….he says behold the old is gone the new has come,i shall remember your sin,your past no more…..Ladies you are jewels in his crown…..we shall walk together as we have always done..the blackboard arms are open…we have shared the shame,the pain and the bitterness and found joy..we shall keep on doing it happy new 2013…..

Light at the end of the tunnel… cliche but true!!!!!!


You may have gone through a rough road that has left more scars than eyes can count, that have made you shed more tears and you breathed so hard between tears you almost thought your chest would fall apart, that your whole being was so covered in shame you knew no beauty…….. Perhaps this drove you to become a stranger to yourself. You no longer recognize yourself anymore..you have drove yourself to hell and made yourself a bed there…..you have become nothing beautiful anymore to look at…..but tonight i don’t care how scared you are, how many times you have felt as ugly as a warthog, how many times you have dived into hell head on…….i don’t care abt your past…i know there is a bright future ahead, your scars are turning to stars….i know Jehova God is turning your ashes in to beauty…i know so..becoz he created you so wonderful and ur the most beautiful jewel in his crown….ooh the creator of the universe has you in his hands…you are in more than able hands, the hands of Jesus


© Mercy Kibe



It shall be well,they said.But that was utopia.The well meant visits,lasted only days..and my well wishers vanished. Each day they asked…’did he do it again?has he touched you again?’ ashamed he was meant to be my protector,the one man to love me unconditionally……’yes he did it,he touched me and warned me not to say’ -i would scream in my head-…..but looking down i would say , ‘no….he touches me not,he hasn’t done it’……my lie, A lie i should never have told,a truth i should have exposed……to save many like me…but in our world no one says, no one accepts,no one dares rise a finger:….that our world is miserable…horrible…that it is a world of hopeless to us. Now my world is crumbled, am expecting an abomination, a disgrace……..my father’s child…..how to face tomorrow, i know not…yet when he finds out..am doomed.  who will save me from myself? who will save me from my world?……..save me….
© Mercy Kibe

Through the Eyes Of A Child

When I was only two years old,
My daddy went away.
He swore he’d always love me,
But he said he couldn’t stay.
Days turned into weeks
And weeks turned into years.
I never saw my father,
He never saw my tears.
He never read me bedtime stories
Or tucked me in at night.
He never showed up for my birthdays,
But I always hoped he might.
He missed my first day of kindergarten
And all of my school plays.
He doesn’t know how smart I am,
My report cards full of A’s.
Sometimes I want to call him
To say Hey Dad I’m still alive!
I’ll be 16 years old soon,
Will you teach me how to drive?
It’s almost time for college,
The years go by so fast.
I’m looking forward to my future,
But I’m still trapped within my past.
I guess I’ll never understand,
Did I do something bad?
My parents got divorced,
But why did I lose my dad?

© Brianna K. Slone

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.