Why disco won

the next wave

1280px-Disco_Ball3I was watchng a documentary about the guitarist and producer Nile Rodgers, who together with his musical collaborator Bernard Edwards had, with Chic and (as producer) Sister Sledge, a golden run of hits in the late 1970s, at the height of the disco boom. And then – after the so-called ‘Disco Demolition Night‘ in 1979’ – neither band had another hit. Without trying to overthink it this was a cultural moment that deserves a little more reflection.

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Your 20s are undoubtedly the most pivotal time in your life. While there are plenty of temptations and distractions, the decisions you make here are truly what dictate your future, as the weak fall and only the strong survive.

Do you have what it takes to become a monumental success? Or will you live out a life of mediocrity? The choice is up to you. While many think they have all the answers and the keys to success, we have seen too many times before those people make the same pitfalls.

This is the time for you to hustle, scrap and fight for the life that you want for yourself. You manifest your own destiny during these crucial years.

20. Working for money, not for building your dreams


Never do anything just because it’s convenient for you. Look to challenge yourself and build your own dream instead of building someone else’s. Even if it doesn’t exactly make sense now, create something with great value so you can cash out big. Always look to the future and never for immediate compensation.  What are you going to do with those weekly wages anyways? Stop being so entitled and pretending like you deserve cash, prizes and vacations just yet.  You will soon realize once you’ve made it that making money doesn’t make you happy. It’s the journey.

19. Thinking that this is the right time to fall in love


While all of your friends might be doing it, don’t fall into the trap of getting into a relationship.  Sure it seems like the right thing to do, but your 20s are entirely too crucial for your personal growth for you to be focusing on fulfilling the wishes of another individual.  Not only does it make you complacent with where you are in life, but it makes your boring.  When your business is at stake and your future is resting on your shoulders, the last thing you need is to be bogged down by an insecure lover rushing you home.  Get out there, meet new people, test the limits and have fun. It will take you to the places you’ve dreamed of going.

18. Trying to act like the man rather than learning how to become one


Instead of going overboard on the Gucci monogram and bottles in the club, as if you just signed to Rocnation, spend the time focusing on your career.  Every second counts and if more time is spent pretending to be the person you want to be instead of becoming that man, then you’ll sink in quick sand without even knowing it.  A real man is willing to make sacrifices. If you aren’t down to put in the work, then please don’t act like you are.  You can enjoy the success when you actually attain it.

17. Making friends instead of earning trust


The in-crowd may be tempting, but you’ll probably fall victim to surrounding yourself with social climbers and bottle whores.  We know you feel entitled to celebrate, but please relax. It’s never attractive when you act as though this is the last time you’ll ever see this in life.  Make connections with people based on trial and error, not presuppositions and drunk ranting about what they can do for your business.  If you ever want people to take you seriously, then you have to take them seriously.  Just because you think you trust someone doesn’t always mean you can. Heed any red flags in the past before jumping into any kind of venture with them.

16. Not caring because you only live once — that is for fools


We all are guilty of irrational decision-making in our 20s. Fast people and fast times with money in your pocket always lead to over-extending yourself.  A life of partying, heavy drugs and pretty much having that YOLO attitude will leave you flat on your ass.  Get focused and lock into what you’re supposed to be doing. If you don’t know what that is, then you better figure it out ASAP.

15. Making all your wants, needs


Expensive women and cheap thrills coupled with the expensive sneakers should not be on the list of your needs.  Setting the foundation for your business and team is far more important than updating your wardrobe and chasing sex.  Distinguish between what you want and what you actually need. Make sure your priorities are in tact or you will lose your track.

14. Forgetting that family comes first


Those who supported you before anything deserve to be taken care of when you reach your success.  If you aren’t doing this for the ones you love, then you’re not doing it right.  Family comes first, no matter what happens.  If you work for whom you love instead of just yourself, you will get far.

13. Blaming anyone else but yourself for anything in life

Protesta Estudiantes.

Hold yourself accountable for everything. At the end of the day, all you have in the world is yourself — so go hard.  Don’t look to anyone for answers and instead of making problems, create solutions.  Whether it was that job you wanted, the funding you needed or the love you think you can’t live without, there is no one that can be held accountable in this universe except for you.

12. Getting comfortable like you actually deserve down time


Unless you’re fornicating with Victoria’s Secret models in Monaco this weekend, you shouldn’t even be thinking about taking a break any time soon.  You need a vacation? What have you accomplished?  Mark Cuban spent 7 years building out his first business before he even took a break.  Don’t get lazy now.

11. Sticking with jobs that didn’t teach you anything


A bad job is like a bitchy girlfriend that gives bad head.  Truthfully, the only reason you’re there is because it is the safest and easiest thing you know.  Any job or relationship that allows for you to get comfortable should be avoided at all costs.  The last scenario you could ever want is becoming like the rest of those miserable, 40-somethings faced with weekends of minivans and soccer practice.

10. Following the crowd instead of forging against it


You can be aware of the trends, but never follow them.  If all your time is spent trying to adjust to your surroundings, you’ll get lost in the crowd all the more easily.  Success and greatness are constructed by trendsetters themselves, not those who latched on to what’s currently trending.  We hope that you don’t have any aspirations to look like your favorite rapper.  Temptation to be influenced by those who you aspire to be like is easy, but no one finds their calling following in the footsteps of another.

9. Failing to energize those around you

hand off

Although you may sometimes think there is a lack of talent in your networks — this is never the case.  It is your sole responsibility to inspire, encourage and drive those around you to success.  Failing to do so only confirms that you fall victim to that which you accuse others of.  Change and greatness can be sparked everywhere, but bring it upon yourself to trigger it.

8. Think you need to stop learning and growing


You have more zeros at the end of your bank statement, stamps in your passport and women in your bed than you had ever imagined.  Don’t consider this your victory lap, but rather as a taste of greatness. Do you live to enjoy the moments you dreamed of or a lifetime of unimaginable success?  The common misconception that once things are in your favor, you no longer have to put in the 3:00AM work hours is a dangerous problem.  The fewer nights that you’re willing to put in the work, the fewer opportunities you will have to celebrate your achievements in the future.

7. Thinking that anyone will ever pay you back


Your 20s will be accompanied with a slew of poor investments by yourself and those around you.  Whether rich or poor, there will always be someone in your circle that will need a helping hand.  If you ever think you’re going to see that money again, you’re sorely mistaken. If there were a plan of action and re-investment, then the truth is that you will not see $1 back.  Times are tough, especially in your 20s and finding a route back to financial freedom is often seen only when winning the lotto or signing your first deal with Ca$h Money Records. Of course miracles do happen, but the probabilities that you’ve essentially given the money away are far too high.

6. Spending your money on women who aren’t escorts


Your sex life is an investment — and the smarter the deals you execute, the savvier of an investor you become.  Free sex is the most expensive sex in the world. Instead of navigating through an ambiguous investment in which you shower your woman with cash and prizes for the mediocre sex provided, deal with a professional as soon as possible.  Although some of you may immediately jump to the negative connotations of a woman who is paid for sex, we suggest you take one step back.  As an entrepreneur herself, why would you not want to deal with someone who has the same honesty and integrity that you do.  Want a best friend? Buy a puppy. Want great sex? Call an escort.

5. Holding on to friends that waste your time and add no value to your life


You’ll be sucked down into the abyss right with them if you don’t cut the fat of the group.  Family and friends could have been great to you as a child, but if they no longer hold the value and inspiration that is needed for you to thrive in life, then cut them loose.  The only individuals you should be surrounding yourself with are those that challenge your ideas and motivate you to find the next solution to your problems.  No, not the pessimistic assholes who shoot down your ideas with their negativity, but rather the ones who genuinely  want to see you succeed no matter what you do in life.

4. Forgetting about the piggy bank and spending every dollar you have


If our check is for $9, than we’re most likely spending $30. Between credit cards, school loans and every other avenue for attaining a quick dollar, our need for immediate gratification is worse than ever.  The truth is it’s about making more money, not saving it. But at the same time, if you have no means for expanding your revenue channels then you must be able to save a few dollars here and there.  No one like to have to walk to work because they blew every dollar at LAVO.

3. Mistaking safe sex for anything besides anal


If you don’t want to have a child then you better limit your excuses.  As vulgar as it may sound, sometimes there are only a few options in life, so you must avoid all potential margins of error.  The road to success is not paved with having responsibilities of children and your future wife to be.  This is a somewhat lonely journey that you must take by yourself and those you love will be able to celebrate with you after.

2. Dating unstable women with mommy and daddy issues


We need to control the invincibility we all feel when it comes to women.  Whether she’s a stripper or a sorority girl, we feel the need to be the knight in shining armor for our women.  As chivalrous as this may seem, we hate to break it to you, but you will never be able to change anyone.  By setting yourself up for a losing battle, you’ve only ensured your misery for the next few months. She’s clingy for a reason, don’t be her Dr. Phil.

1. Forgetting that karma is a huge b*tch


Whether it’s burning bridges with people you loved, stealing your friend’s girlfriend, or plotting against an ex-partner, we must always remember that karma is the biggest b*tch we’ve ever met.  There is nothing more true than the fact that whatever goes around comes around, and you are not immune to the cosmic forces that be.  We’re not asking you to go on your Mother Teresa pilgrimage, but don’t be surprised when reality catches back up with you and brings you to your knees.  Be a good person. You’ll get further in life.




I am in my living room breaking into sobs. Even with the bright morning this is a grey morning in my heart. A friend of mine just sent me a clip titled..HOUSE GIRLS?….GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU, and surely I pray that he does. Many of u might have seen this clip go round on the internet and whatever you felt I cannot tell but it leaves me broken to pieces.The clip entails a house help molesting a young boy barely five years of age. From the looks of it it seems this has been going on for long as the boy needs very little directions. The things she makes the boy do to her make me want to reach for her neck. Is she insane? As the small boy looks at the stuff left on his fingers confused, she goes out to ensure that no one will catch her…her goddamned guts!!! This is beyond sad.Why are you doing this to our kids? Do you forget that you will have kids one day? Do you forget that these kids will grow up having issues know one can comprehend? Do you forget that you are affecting their lives all round? Do you forget?… I just cant stop crying.I’ve heard this story from four of my friends and just the other day I was discussing it with my fiancé but again I did not know the magnitude of it all. A perfect example is my friend Sam whom I dated a few years back. The guy has nothing like love or compassion in his heart because of something a house help stole from him when he was only nine-his innocence. He cannot settle for one woman because one just isn’t enough. He has a heart of stone and only God knows how long he will survive with his wayward ways. This and worse is what the young boys you see today are being turned into by our house helps.I do not know how many house helps will read this article today but I pray to God that he
may expose you and reward you in abundance what saw. And that you may live long to shamefully tell your experience. Just one question thoughWHY ARE YOU TURNING OUR INNOCENT KIDS INTO MONSTERS??? WHY!!!!SMH!!15/2/2013


 As we approach the 4th March 2013 elections a prudent approach towards personal planning needs to be put in place to mitigate any risk to you and your families. The Post-Election Violence (PEV) in 2007/2008 claimed over 1500 lives and displaced over 300,000, in as much as we do not anticipate a recurrence of the violence on such a scale, we all need to be prepared for any eventuality. This plan is a guide for measures that need to be put in place to mitigate a situation, should it occur, where violence erupts resulting in limited movement and supply of basic commodities is hampered.  Outlined below are other considerations to be done, prior, during and after the Election Day.



Following the run out of supplies during the last PEV period, provision of basic commodities needs to be done in good time. It is advisable to do this at least three weeks prior to Election Day. A basic shopping list is provided in Annex A. A first aid kit is an important item. Consideration should be given for special medical cases for instance heart and blood pressure medication and Insulin for diabetics.

Ensure that the food selected requires little or no refrigeration for situations where we may have power outages. A five day supply of drinking water for each person in your household is recommended. 

A full gas cylinder and where possible a spare one should be kept handy, in addition alternative sources of cooking for instance charcoal, kerosene and firewood should be purchased. 

It is important that the additional stores that are bought shouldn’t be used until there is certainty about stability.  Buy the additional goods and then continue your normal weekly shopping until the last safe moment.

All of these goods will be consumed eventually so shouldn’t impact on your budgets.



For those with personal vehicles, a complete vehicle service should be done well before the Election Day. A full tool kit should be included plus two spare tires, towing ropes and jumper cables. Ensure that your vehicles are filled with fuel and that you keep at least one spare jerry can of fuel for emergencies. The same applies for your generator if you have one. 



There are various Hot Spot areas that are prone to sporadic violence. A map on these areas is provided in Annex B below.



Anyone using pre-pay phones should purchase spare scratch cards at least 3 weeks in advance and invest in solar/ battery chargers.  Those who are not signed up for M-Pesa or any other money transfer service should consider signing up for it.  In addition, some banks integrate M-Pesa with their bank account allowing remote or SMS based recharging.



Home security improvements are dependent on each family’s needs and budget. However there is need to ensure that locks to all doors are working including on windows, door grills also should be put in place. Gardening tools and ladders should also be safely stored away as these can be used to break-in and gain entry into homes. Ensure padlocks are in good working order.



It is vital to keep the following documents in a safe secure location. A discussion with members of your family prior to the election period should be had on how you will deal with the violence and explain the necessary action or movements if required.  All should keep a small bag packed in one area of the house for swift movement if required. 

Enough cash to last one month (in small denominations should be kept (separated) in the house together with:

 Passport  Insurance policies  Family records (marriage, birth certificates)  Land Title deeds  Bank Cards

Where possible, ensure that all the above are scanned and sent to your email address, so that in the event that all is lost, you can recover digital copies.    




You should consider backing up all of your personal data, digital photographs etc. to either a portable hard drive or DVD and keeping them in a separate location, perhaps at a relative’s house.

Communicate with Friends and Family

Newport endorses sending this letter and its attachments to your friends and family so that they too can suitably prepare.                  



Purchase at the beginning of February and store in a separate place to your normal weekly goods so that it is an effective reserve. Continue to buy your normal weekly shop especially fruits and vegetables, until you feel it’s no longer safe to do so.


  1. Maize flour
  2. Rice
  3. Pasta
  4. Canned beans
  5. Canned meat / fish
  6. Canned vegetables
  7. Canned soup
  8. Long life Milk
  9. Fruit juice
  10. Sugar
  11. Salt
  12. Cooking oil
  13. Toilet Papers
  14. Bathing Soap
  15. Toothpaste
  16. Candles
  17. Matches
  18. Baby formula / nappies if applicable
  19. Pharmaceuticals if required
  20. Frozen foods can be considered
  21. Fuel, wood, kerosene, charcoal, cooking gas etc
  22. Vehicles ‘topped up’ and spare jerry can filled
  23. Drinking water
  24. Scratch cards for mobile phones
  25. Batteries for torches / radios etc.
  26. Reserve Cash   







Morning Bro,My name is RWANDA..Your small bro...This letter is a bit long...Anyway,How are You? Hope you are good...Just like Me...Bro,Its long since we talked but this letter is urgent ! You have to do what I say!

Bro, in April 1994,the worst happened to Me. After the death of My President,Juvenal Habyarimana, who was a TUTSI,My people went totally crazy!You see,The TUTSI and HUTU were the major tribes that I had...Now,the HUTU were smaller than the TUTSI and the TUTSI had held on to power for so long! And in April,madness began!After a fierce campaign propaganda by the angry HUTUs,who wanted power too,I watched as the HUTU bought 581,000 machetes(pangas) from China.I sadly watched as the HUTU also bought rocket launchers,mortar bombs,grenades and ammunition worth £18M from Egypt.My heart was beating. My soul was scared. I watched,with sadness and fear,the media spreading false propaganda ,lies and innuendo to the public!I even watched the CHURCH preaching hatred,ethnicity and war.I couldn't believe this was happening. The stage was set for War.My children were getting prepared for the worst! Hate Leaflets were being spread. The HUTU were getting armed. The TUTSI were getting scared.Bro,one sad morning,IT HAPPENED!I heard children screaming! I saw women crying! I heard men wailing! MY HEART ALMOST STOPPED!Bro,within 100 days,My children turned into animals! They butchered each other! Slaughtered each other! Ambushed each other!I watched as 1,000 TUTSI children were burnt alive in a Polish Catholic Church!I watched as 2,500 TUTSI men were bombed to death while hiding in a tiny,crowded Church!I watched sadly as around 250,000 girls were mercilessly raped and beaten to death!I watched as 400,000 TUTSI men lost their manhood after it was cut in public by the HUTU!I watched as 2,000 women were thrown into a pit of fire like dead houseflies!I watched endless rivers of blood flow in my streets!I watched children crying,children mourning their parents,children being slaughtered with machetes!I watched as USA President ,Bill Clinton and the U.N peace keepers ignored Me! Letting Me destroy myself!I knew thats was the END OF ME.It was sad! Painful! Unbelievable!For 100 days,My children did the worst! It was blood,tears,sorrow,pain,death and agony!And Finally,I LOST A MILLION PEOPLE! Yes,A MILLION Tutsi and Hutu died in just 100 days!When the madness stopped,I knelt and thanked God!They were fighting for a politician! Fighting for a tribe! Fighting for power!BUT what did they gain? NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING!Until today,I HAVE NEVER recovered from the madness! I have so many scars,so much pain!Bro,I see Your people are holding elections in 40days. I see You guys are getting ready! I see two major Kenyan tribes,LUO and KIKUYU,have the major Presidential Candidates.Bro, take My Word;whatever happens ,whoever wins.Whoever loses.Whether they rig or not.Whether the loser accepts the results or not.Whatever they tell You.Whether they incite You or Not.Whatever grudge you may have towards the winning tribe or Candidate Bro,I ASK YOU IN THE NAME OF GOD,Please,DO NOT DO WHAT WE DID! Do NOT burn that church.Do NOT rape that woman.Do NOT slaughter those children.Do NOT mutilate those hands or legs.Do NOT use that panga.Do NOT massacre those poor kids!Bro,I LOVE YOU! Am always praying for You, I want the BEST for you!Take it from Me Bro,IF YOU DARE DO WHAT WE DID, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! And You will NEVER be the same again!!!Bro, am crying as I write this....my eyes are wet...My heart is heavy....Bro,AM DOWN ON MY KNEES: I ASK YOU IN THE NAME OF JEHOVAH GOD,DO NOT DO WHAT WE DID!!! Do NOT!I would NEVER wish that ANY COUNTRY goes through what I did! NEVER!Kenya,I LOVE YOU BRO!You are BIGGER than any tribe or any politician!Have a fun election day.LOVE,RWANDA.-

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Shared Resource Computing has mutiplied and continues to multiply the number of student workstations available at a much lower price point than individual desktops, laptops or netbooks,what we are witnessing automation at lowest entry cost to institutions and the education sector as a whole. The total cost of ownership (TCO) is lowered by deploying fewer fully configured computers and by reduced workstation support liabilities.

Like other SRC products, the LG network monitor bundled with windows microsoft server offering is not a one-size-fits-all solution. LG anticipated deployment is in classrooms, computer laboratories and libraries, and does not replace fully configured or mobile PCs. The ease of set-up and management capabilities are promising features for classrooms, labs and libraries.

Empowering teachers to manage (or customize) the classroom environment without needing or relying on technical assistance will likely facilitate tighter alignment of computing resources with instructional strategies.

Our objective is to partner…

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Treat the nanny well and she’ll return the favour

think about it, you won’t leave with the consequences but your kids surely will. maybe for the rest of their lives……




By MARGARET W MAINAH living@ke.nationmedia.com
Posted  Wednesday, January 23  2013 at  02:00
The other day I was at the clinic for a review with Mickey’s doctor when I observed something that made me gasp in astonishment.

When taking our little ones to the hospital, most mums often need assistance so we are usually accompanied by the baby’s father, or our mothers, sisters, house helps, friends etc.

On this particular day, I had been accompanied by my mum. While Mickey’s shosh and I waited for our turn to be served, we sat next to a lovely little girl, no more than two years old. She was seated with two women, one of them her mother (I heard the little girl address her as “Mummy”), and the other I assumed was her nanny.

The nanny was taking care of the little girl, running around after her and basically attending to her. The mother was mostly engaged at the reception – dealing the usual particulars we fill out before or after we are seen by a doctor. And when she was not busy filling out particulars, she was texting/tweeting/facebooking/googling/deleting contacts/playing games or whatever it is that people do on their mobile phones when they are passing time.

After a considerable amount of time, it was time for the three to leave. As the nanny rose from her chair, rounding up a fluffy toy, a shawl, a baby bag and numerous other things, one small item fell. I didn’t see whether it was a vest, a liner or a handkerchief. What I did see was the mother raise her hand and bring it down hard on the other woman’s back!

Ni nini wewe?” (What’s wrong with you?) she barked as she clicked her tongue amid echoes of the resounding “paaah!” made by her palm connecting with the nanny’s back.

Then she turned and stomped off, daughter in tow.

Meanwhile, the help was busy mumbling “Pole mama, pole mama…” (Sorry madam, sorry madam) as she picked the item from the floor and added it to all the other things she was carrying. Then she ran after “mama” frantically. I highly doubt that her apologies were heard because the other woman had long left her behind.

The actions of that mother shocked everyone seated in the hospital’s reception area into silence, followed by the sounds that accompany shaking the head, then murmurs about how unwarranted her reaction had been.

I, for one, was stunned. Who on earth beats another adult? And in a public place at that? That occurrence still disturbs me. A lot. If that mother can do something like that in public, pray, what does she do in her house, away from the public glare?

If you do something like that to the nanny, the one you leave your child with the whole day as you are away at work, don’t you think you are treading on dangerous ground? Don’t you think this woman could be tempted to be mean to your child in revenge? I’m not a psychologist but I think human behavior is very interesting, especially where issues of personal gratification and vengeance are concerned.

Our house helps are not stupid. Many may be naive, but it doesn’t mean they are stupid. You might have higher educational qualifications, but it doesn’t mean they are dimwits. Be careful because you leave your children in their care all day long.

We have heard cases of nannies who do atrocious things to the children in their care; kidnapping, “selling” babies, starving them…

The last laugh

Little ones are sometimes locked in the house all day, left by themselves while their nannies visit boyfriends, run side hustles or just shoot the breeze. Just before “mama” returns, the nanny rushes home to clean and feed the children. So who is having the last laugh there?

If children who are yelled at all day long, put down by words and emotionally bashed, you can imagine what this does to their development. And that is just to mention but a few.

Treat the nanny well and she will return the favour; it’s human nature. At our own workplaces, if our employers treat us badly, we don’t treat them well either. We might pretend to, but in our hearts we despise them and curse them all day. Then we misuse their property and cheat them out of work hours when we get the chance.

So what makes you think your employee, the nanny, is any different?

Behind the Smile


August 17th 2002, so innocent and loving, the nine year old girl was busy plucking fruits in her grandparents’ garden. She had that sweet smile that assured everything was fine. Suddenly her smile turned into fear. They were there standing in front of her. She didn’t say anything- she didn’t have to. One of the men who had earphones put them on the little girl’s ears. The music was so loud that she couldn’t hear what the men were saying. The earphones were removed from her ears and an instruction was given to her. Fear and confusion possessed her body and she started trembling. She didn’t carry out the instruction..  With the earphones put back on her ears, one of the men held her mouth while the other removed her panties.

Then the worst happened- they defiled her. Pain was written all over her face. She tied to fight back but she couldn’t.  There was nothing she could do, she was helpless. With all the pressure, she lost consciousness. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in bed. On the sight of the two men, she tried to scream but the men were quick to her move. One of them held her mouth tightly. They warned her not to say anything to anybody otherwise the incident would repeat itself. With that, they walked out.

Tears rolled down her eyes. The pain was more than she could bear. She wished her mum would just take her out of that place. For three days she cried. She did not want anybody to see her. She knew she could not convince them that she was fine when her face portrayed the opposite.

For one last time, she thought about the whole incident. She did not understand why it happened. She felt great pain in her heart, pain that she could never forget. The two men were her uncles- her father’s brothers, brothers from the same mother. The pain came back; this pain was eating her up.  “Why me?” She thought between sobs.

Each time she considered telling her mum about the incident, her uncle’s voice came back to her. She knew she could not talk. There was no way she could have gambled with her life. She had decided to take the risk of remaining silent. She wiped her tears, put a smile on her face and walked out.

 The smile on her face assured everybody she was fine. Like always, it did. What nobody knew was that behind that sweet, beautiful smile, there was so much pain. The pain of a confused nine year old desperate to share but afraid of the circumstances. A secret she has kept till now; eleven years later 



Just five days after i posted the story with the above title, Nation Newspaper publishes this.


apparently am not the only person who thinks Pumwani hospital is still a national shame!!!