I am in my living room breaking into sobs. Even with the bright morning this is a grey morning in my heart. A friend of mine just sent me a clip titled..HOUSE GIRLS?….GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU, and surely I pray that he does. Many of u might have seen this clip go round on the internet and whatever you felt I cannot tell but it leaves me broken to pieces.The clip entails a house help molesting a young boy barely five years of age. From the looks of it it seems this has been going on for long as the boy needs very little directions. The things she makes the boy do to her make me want to reach for her neck. Is she insane? As the small boy looks at the stuff left on his fingers confused, she goes out to ensure that no one will catch her…her goddamned guts!!! This is beyond sad.Why are you doing this to our kids? Do you forget that you will have kids one day? Do you forget that these kids will grow up having issues know one can comprehend? Do you forget that you are affecting their lives all round? Do you forget?… I just cant stop crying.I’ve heard this story from four of my friends and just the other day I was discussing it with my fiancé but again I did not know the magnitude of it all. A perfect example is my friend Sam whom I dated a few years back. The guy has nothing like love or compassion in his heart because of something a house help stole from him when he was only nine-his innocence. He cannot settle for one woman because one just isn’t enough. He has a heart of stone and only God knows how long he will survive with his wayward ways. This and worse is what the young boys you see today are being turned into by our house helps.I do not know how many house helps will read this article today but I pray to God that he
may expose you and reward you in abundance what saw. And that you may live long to shamefully tell your experience. Just one question thoughWHY ARE YOU TURNING OUR INNOCENT KIDS INTO MONSTERS??? WHY!!!!SMH!!15/2/2013


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