Morning Bro,My name is RWANDA..Your small bro...This letter is a bit long...Anyway,How are You? Hope you are good...Just like Me...Bro,Its long since we talked but this letter is urgent ! You have to do what I say!

Bro, in April 1994,the worst happened to Me. After the death of My President,Juvenal Habyarimana, who was a TUTSI,My people went totally crazy!You see,The TUTSI and HUTU were the major tribes that I had...Now,the HUTU were smaller than the TUTSI and the TUTSI had held on to power for so long! And in April,madness began!After a fierce campaign propaganda by the angry HUTUs,who wanted power too,I watched as the HUTU bought 581,000 machetes(pangas) from China.I sadly watched as the HUTU also bought rocket launchers,mortar bombs,grenades and ammunition worth £18M from Egypt.My heart was beating. My soul was scared. I watched,with sadness and fear,the media spreading false propaganda ,lies and innuendo to the public!I even watched the CHURCH preaching hatred,ethnicity and war.I couldn't believe this was happening. The stage was set for War.My children were getting prepared for the worst! Hate Leaflets were being spread. The HUTU were getting armed. The TUTSI were getting scared.Bro,one sad morning,IT HAPPENED!I heard children screaming! I saw women crying! I heard men wailing! MY HEART ALMOST STOPPED!Bro,within 100 days,My children turned into animals! They butchered each other! Slaughtered each other! Ambushed each other!I watched as 1,000 TUTSI children were burnt alive in a Polish Catholic Church!I watched as 2,500 TUTSI men were bombed to death while hiding in a tiny,crowded Church!I watched sadly as around 250,000 girls were mercilessly raped and beaten to death!I watched as 400,000 TUTSI men lost their manhood after it was cut in public by the HUTU!I watched as 2,000 women were thrown into a pit of fire like dead houseflies!I watched endless rivers of blood flow in my streets!I watched children crying,children mourning their parents,children being slaughtered with machetes!I watched as USA President ,Bill Clinton and the U.N peace keepers ignored Me! Letting Me destroy myself!I knew thats was the END OF ME.It was sad! Painful! Unbelievable!For 100 days,My children did the worst! It was blood,tears,sorrow,pain,death and agony!And Finally,I LOST A MILLION PEOPLE! Yes,A MILLION Tutsi and Hutu died in just 100 days!When the madness stopped,I knelt and thanked God!They were fighting for a politician! Fighting for a tribe! Fighting for power!BUT what did they gain? NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING!Until today,I HAVE NEVER recovered from the madness! I have so many scars,so much pain!Bro,I see Your people are holding elections in 40days. I see You guys are getting ready! I see two major Kenyan tribes,LUO and KIKUYU,have the major Presidential Candidates.Bro, take My Word;whatever happens ,whoever wins.Whoever loses.Whether they rig or not.Whether the loser accepts the results or not.Whatever they tell You.Whether they incite You or Not.Whatever grudge you may have towards the winning tribe or Candidate Bro,I ASK YOU IN THE NAME OF GOD,Please,DO NOT DO WHAT WE DID! Do NOT burn that church.Do NOT rape that woman.Do NOT slaughter those children.Do NOT mutilate those hands or legs.Do NOT use that panga.Do NOT massacre those poor kids!Bro,I LOVE YOU! Am always praying for You, I want the BEST for you!Take it from Me Bro,IF YOU DARE DO WHAT WE DID, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! And You will NEVER be the same again!!!Bro, am crying as I write eyes are wet...My heart is heavy....Bro,AM DOWN ON MY KNEES: I ASK YOU IN THE NAME OF JEHOVAH GOD,DO NOT DO WHAT WE DID!!! Do NOT!I would NEVER wish that ANY COUNTRY goes through what I did! NEVER!Kenya,I LOVE YOU BRO!You are BIGGER than any tribe or any politician!Have a fun election day.LOVE,RWANDA.-


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