Treat the nanny well and she’ll return the favour

think about it, you won’t leave with the consequences but your kids surely will. maybe for the rest of their lives……




Posted  Wednesday, January 23  2013 at  02:00
The other day I was at the clinic for a review with Mickey’s doctor when I observed something that made me gasp in astonishment.

When taking our little ones to the hospital, most mums often need assistance so we are usually accompanied by the baby’s father, or our mothers, sisters, house helps, friends etc.

On this particular day, I had been accompanied by my mum. While Mickey’s shosh and I waited for our turn to be served, we sat next to a lovely little girl, no more than two years old. She was seated with two women, one of them her mother (I heard the little girl address her as “Mummy”), and the other I assumed was her nanny.

The nanny was taking care of the little girl, running around after her and basically attending to her. The mother was mostly engaged at the reception – dealing the usual particulars we fill out before or after we are seen by a doctor. And when she was not busy filling out particulars, she was texting/tweeting/facebooking/googling/deleting contacts/playing games or whatever it is that people do on their mobile phones when they are passing time.

After a considerable amount of time, it was time for the three to leave. As the nanny rose from her chair, rounding up a fluffy toy, a shawl, a baby bag and numerous other things, one small item fell. I didn’t see whether it was a vest, a liner or a handkerchief. What I did see was the mother raise her hand and bring it down hard on the other woman’s back!

Ni nini wewe?” (What’s wrong with you?) she barked as she clicked her tongue amid echoes of the resounding “paaah!” made by her palm connecting with the nanny’s back.

Then she turned and stomped off, daughter in tow.

Meanwhile, the help was busy mumbling “Pole mama, pole mama…” (Sorry madam, sorry madam) as she picked the item from the floor and added it to all the other things she was carrying. Then she ran after “mama” frantically. I highly doubt that her apologies were heard because the other woman had long left her behind.

The actions of that mother shocked everyone seated in the hospital’s reception area into silence, followed by the sounds that accompany shaking the head, then murmurs about how unwarranted her reaction had been.

I, for one, was stunned. Who on earth beats another adult? And in a public place at that? That occurrence still disturbs me. A lot. If that mother can do something like that in public, pray, what does she do in her house, away from the public glare?

If you do something like that to the nanny, the one you leave your child with the whole day as you are away at work, don’t you think you are treading on dangerous ground? Don’t you think this woman could be tempted to be mean to your child in revenge? I’m not a psychologist but I think human behavior is very interesting, especially where issues of personal gratification and vengeance are concerned.

Our house helps are not stupid. Many may be naive, but it doesn’t mean they are stupid. You might have higher educational qualifications, but it doesn’t mean they are dimwits. Be careful because you leave your children in their care all day long.

We have heard cases of nannies who do atrocious things to the children in their care; kidnapping, “selling” babies, starving them…

The last laugh

Little ones are sometimes locked in the house all day, left by themselves while their nannies visit boyfriends, run side hustles or just shoot the breeze. Just before “mama” returns, the nanny rushes home to clean and feed the children. So who is having the last laugh there?

If children who are yelled at all day long, put down by words and emotionally bashed, you can imagine what this does to their development. And that is just to mention but a few.

Treat the nanny well and she will return the favour; it’s human nature. At our own workplaces, if our employers treat us badly, we don’t treat them well either. We might pretend to, but in our hearts we despise them and curse them all day. Then we misuse their property and cheat them out of work hours when we get the chance.

So what makes you think your employee, the nanny, is any different?


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