If walls could talk,then the bathroom wall could tell tales no ear has heard,no eye has seen,no mouth has spoken. she hit the bathroom wall so hard, her fist grew soar and when she couldn’t hold it anymore she slowly slipped down on the floor and let her tears flow freely….Tears of the past joy she had shared with him, her mind screaming…..’stolen water’ so short lived…..Tears of the denial he had so cruely said before the man of the cloth,.. ‘i have never touched her,the babies are not mine’ tears of the shocking revelation that he never loved her,never cared for her,that he just wanted to use her,get her money and damp her.She squeezed herself so hard,her head on her knees and wept….wept for the lost love,wept for the womaniser,the man she loved ……wept harder when she recalled her friends images-1words….’everyone knows that’s what he good at..sleeps around and runs…didn’t you know what kind of man he is…”No…no no this cant be happening!!!!! this cant be happening to me!!!!..she cries as she rubs her body so hard as if to wipe every bit of him off her…but its not good enough• it changes nothing…she is carrying his babies..Twins he denys are his,babies that have slowed down her thriving career,babies that have brought a drift in the family so hard to mend,she hangs on,trying to come to terms with what has become of her life…pain, denial, rejection, fear, disappointment….the reality she is neither his first nor his last….recently i spotted him with another innocent girl…wonder what story is next!
But one thing is for sure; i know she is strong enough to get over it and face life bravely.
This piece is dedicated to all those girls going through rejection and frustration……Yes he got you pregnant and left, denied you and the baby,he promised you marriage and left,he cheated on you,he made you a stranger to yourself,friends and family….he beat you made your self esteem so low it hurts to look yourself in the mirror….
Am not crazy to say 2012 goes down with all these memories,the scars and evidence will remain but 2013 comes with hope…hope that all is not lost,hope that you are strong than you think,than what others think and say…do you know why?Because God has given you a chance to pick up the broken pieces,he trusts you will do the right thing by forgetting the past and embracing a fresh start….he says behold the old is gone the new has come,i shall remember your sin,your past no more…..Ladies you are jewels in his crown…..we shall walk together as we have always done..the blackboard arms are open…we have shared the shame,the pain and the bitterness and found joy..we shall keep on doing it happy new 2013…..


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