Light at the end of the tunnel… cliche but true!!!!!!


You may have gone through a rough road that has left more scars than eyes can count, that have made you shed more tears and you breathed so hard between tears you almost thought your chest would fall apart, that your whole being was so covered in shame you knew no beauty…….. Perhaps this drove you to become a stranger to yourself. You no longer recognize yourself have drove yourself to hell and made yourself a bed there… have become nothing beautiful anymore to look at…..but tonight i don’t care how scared you are, how many times you have felt as ugly as a warthog, how many times you have dived into hell head on…….i don’t care abt your past…i know there is a bright future ahead, your scars are turning to stars….i know Jehova God is turning your ashes in to beauty…i know so..becoz he created you so wonderful and ur the most beautiful jewel in his crown….ooh the creator of the universe has you in his hands…you are in more than able hands, the hands of Jesus


© Mercy Kibe


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