It shall be well,they said.But that was utopia.The well meant visits,lasted only days..and my well wishers vanished. Each day they asked…’did he do it again?has he touched you again?’ ashamed he was meant to be my protector,the one man to love me unconditionally……’yes he did it,he touched me and warned me not to say’ -i would scream in my head-…..but looking down i would say , ‘no….he touches me not,he hasn’t done it’……my lie, A lie i should never have told,a truth i should have exposed……to save many like me…but in our world no one says, no one accepts,no one dares rise a finger:….that our world is miserable…horrible…that it is a world of hopeless to us. Now my world is crumbled, am expecting an abomination, a disgrace…… father’s child… to face tomorrow, i know not…yet when he finds doomed.  who will save me from myself? who will save me from my world?…… me….
© Mercy Kibe

One response to “MY FATHER….MY DISGRACE!!!!

  1. In a world filled with so much pain n betrayal….there are those not strong enough to fight for themselve
    we may not be strong enough to go physical but we can be audible enough for our voices to be our weapons aganist this cruel acts.
    Speak out today and save agirls or a boys esteem

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